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Enjoy more benefits when upgrading your Ad to VIP

Well, it’s time to talk about how much you should pay to get full access to everything on our website in case you want to rent rooms in Cardiff or to do house share or room share.

Most of the time, tenants or landlords find what they want in two weeks or less, but in case you do not find something in that time, we have options to give you the entire access for months.

A VIP ad gives you a lot of advantages and you need to pay just £ 6,90 for a week and £ 9.90 for two weeks.  We also give you the option to pause your ad for how much time you want (but for maximum 6 months) and use it for another time, But, we give you the chance to do it only once. For 6 months, you need to pay £ 49.90

The payment is secure and safe because we use PayPal and this is a company that offers safety and efficiency.

6 months’ available ads are suitable for those landlords that rule a business in tenancy because their offers and options are unlimited, so they need to post, see adverts and contact other people constantly and all the time.

So, as a landlord who want to rent rooms in Cardiff this 6 months VIP advert is perfect for you and your business because it offers you the chance to be found by someone or to find a tenant for a long time without worrying about it.

Room hunters (house share Cardiff). Even if you post a free advert or a VIP one first you must complete a form with your details, room details, flat mates’ preferences and ad details.

Tenant hunters (for landlords). You need to complete a form with your property details, room details, flat mates and ad details.

Property details: you should first complete your postcode. After that you should choose your property type: flat, terraced house, detached house, semi-detached house, bungalow or other. The next step is choosing how many rooms are available, who you are: a live-in landlord, a live out landlord, a live-in tenant, a student, a former tenant or an agent. If you are a tenant you have the possibility to get another person in tenancy but only if your landlord agrees with that. You also need to present to people what you offer: shared living room, parking available or not, what utilities you have available: electricity, council tax, gas, water rates, TV and so on.

If you rent the house to many people (Flat share Cardiff or even room share) you should let them know that from the beginning and you need to have available many utilities and more than a bathroom to give them enough comfort. If you stay in a house and you rent it, a garden and a roof terrace and why not a balcony can give you more chance to find tenants.

Clean&Clean London

Don’t waste your time hire Clean&Clean London

Young people have enough energy to clean an entire house constantly, but the older ones lose the necessary time over time. The problem is that in our days nobody has enough time for it, no matter what age they are. Having a job means spending almost all your time at the job and all your energy will be consumed by it. This is especially evident when you need post tenancy cleaning service. Arguably, you would need the most efficient tenancy cleaners which you can find by calling Clean&Clean London. The company also provides great discounts and very affordable cleaning prices.

Every day, people are delaying cleaning their house because they do not have time for it and in this way they are affecting their health. Even if you do not spend much time at home and your carpets are almost untouched, microorganisms and bacteria are present; the dust too. So, if you postpone cleaning your property, you can get some respiratory diseases as dust allergy, mold allergy, in general you can develop an allergy at everything: microorganisms found in the carpets or everywhere in your house. Most of the people hate cleaning the bath or the kitchen sink because of the chalk. Also, many people do not disinfect every surface from the house and it is a really bad thing.

So, the solution for everyone is to hire some cleaners to do it, but many people do not do that too. Why? Reasons are various and each one of them is good enough for some people to not hire some cleaners! But they are totally wrong! Being a cleaner means being communicative, dedicated and responsible. The customer must see all that things because this in the way for gain some trust from the clients. Only in this way, they will let the property on cleaners hands.

At the beginning of the cleaning service, the customer will sign a paper. On it is written what kind of cleaning service he will receive and the guarantee that the price will be in the final the one considered in the beginning.If a cleaner will make one kind of damage by mistake, the cleaning company will pay you for it how much it is necessary. But, something like that will never happen with cleaners from Clean&Clean cleaning company.

Do not forget that being happy is not only about the facts from your life, having a clean house gives you a better mood too. Why? Because the air is fresh and your lungs will be healthier. Having a healthy body means a healthy mind. You can have a healthy body if you are taking care of you and of your house! You can find us on our website when you can book a cleaning service or at our phone number!

Cleaning Helpers

Spring Clean your house with Cleaning Helpers

Spring is always loved because it brings the sun, the hot whether the joy and the happiness because it is colorful, full of life and beauty. But, once with it the spring cleaning is coming too and it isn’t loved by many people. You may need a cleaning company in London to help you with your spring clean.

Because spring comes with fresh air, your house need refreshed too and it can be done by cleaning all the house. Every room, corner and thing from the house need to be clean to remove all the diet that hide behind the furniture or under it. To be in the mood to do it you need to start the cleaning in a sunny day and for sure it will last more than a day. But why spending a sunny day in this way and waste many days for it when you can hire a professional cleaners team?

We have some advices to keep your house away from some diseases you can get if you do not sanitize your house well. In the kitchen you need to sanitize your sink because even if you believe it or not your kitchen sink contains more bacteria than your toilet. Wash it well weekly with special products and also try to clean it with water after every dish wash. You need to buy antibacterial products to keep your health.

First, clean it with water and after that with dish cleaner soap. After that, use the antibacterial product made special for your kitchen sink. After that, put some mineral oil on it to prevent mold to settle.

Also, your dishwasher needs to be clean often. Many bacteria are inside a dishwasher and even if you clean the dirt from your plates, glasses, spoon or knifes you remove only the oil and the grease but the bacteria still are. It is more important to sanitize it with antibacterial cleaning products when someone from your family gets a flu. By using antibacterial chemical products, you remove the virus or the bacteria that can make you catch a flu.

Also, your oven needs your attention because it can be really hard to clean if you do not do it after every dinner you prepare. Your sponge can be a real source for bacteria. You need to spoil it every day to eliminate every microorganism than can affect your life. Further, you need your oven professionally cleaned to be ready for your check out report when conducting an end of lease cleaning.

All of these can be done weekly, in a professional way by our cleaners! So, do not hesitate anymore and call Cleaning Helpers today

How to pick the good shoes for yourself

All of us have experienced foot pain because of bad shoes. How many times haven’t we stopped in the middle of walking, driving, running or dancing just because our feet were hurting so badly that we couldn’t practically continue? As far as I’m concerned, the worst drawback of ordinary shoes is that in time callosities appear – and they hurt as hell!

How many times haven’t you wondered whether there are comfortably shoes or not? How many times haven’t you wished you could dance all night at a party, walk for hours without even feeling or drive without the fear that the pain would begin at any time? Well, these magical shoes have been invented. Unimaginable? Yes. Unbelievable? Yes. Yet, it is true. These miraculous creations are Taygra Brazilian Shoes.

They are different sneakers and have nothing in common with normal shoes, being both ethical and extremely comfortable. As their name suggests, these shoes are made in Brazil, which can be easily seen in their colors and used materials. At first, it all started as a small family business, but as the time passed, it has expanded and has become a hugely known corporation, setting trends and being chosen as a first option by people from every country in the world.

The differences between Taygra sneakers and other shoes are from heaven to earth. All Taygra shoes are carefully handmade with great attention to each and every detail so as to reach the highest quality, style and comfort. Because of the way they are made and the materials that are used – vegan leather, recycled materials and rainforest rubber – production numbers are limited. Yet, you can find them in many models and colors, suitable for everyone’s desire. Wearing Taygra feels like being barefoot, due to their lightness and flexibility. Although they are minimalist shoes, they not only protect your feet in a stylish way, but they also give your body the remarkable benefits other shoes don’t – they help you gain muscles, allowing your body to work while you simply walk; ordinary sneakers often do a great part of the work your muscles are meant to do, which results in a muscles’ weakness.

Classic shoes usually are uncomfortable by being too heavy or constricting the leg, making your daily routine a curse rather than a blessing, because it brings to yourself tiredness instead of relaxation. Consequently, your mood would instantly change, letting yourself irritated, nervous and tired. I advise you to try at least one time Tygra shoes and I guarantee you that once you’ve walked five minutes with them you would not want to hear anymore of another type of shoes.

Aren’t you tired of getting callosities and having to take care of them? Aren’t you exasperated when you have to stop dancing just because your feet no longer resist? Haven’t you wished for a miracle so that you could run some kilometers without having your legs injured? Well, the solution is here. Imagine what you can do – you can drive for hours without having to change shoes at short periods of time; you can go to a party without taking two or three extra pairs of shoes with you; you can walk a whole day doing your business without having to stop and sit on a bench until your feet calm – only by wearing Taygra shoes.

What is great about these shoes is that the producers come up with new models every year and their colors and designs not only perfectly fit every foot, but they also bring tropical influences to every country – being inspired by the surroundings of Brazil, Tygra shoes are very colorful and beautifully show the story its designers wanted to tell. At a closer look, you will realize that in spite of the fact that these shoes are ecologically made, by both eco-friendly and recycled materials, they are also comfortable, trendy, beautiful, flexible and light, giving you the feel of not wearing any kind of shoes. In order to please everyone, the models vary – from sneakers with elastic strips to shoes with laces – enabling them to be worn both by sportive and casual people. Tygra can be bought by everyone and for every reason – they can be used by any kind of people, such as boxers, dancers, business men, waiters or workers and for walking, running, dancing, working and even for staying at home. However, you should be aware of the fact that these special shoes made exclusively in Brazil and worn in every country should be hand-washed, due to the risk of being damaged by a washing machine.

At first, they were created by some football lovers so as to be able to play their favorite game without having their feet hurt and in a more flexible, comfortable and lighter way. They started by producing a dozen of pairs a month and rapidly progressing up to a production of almost forty thousand pairs, because comfort and fashion do not have any borders nowadays and have immediately crossed oceans. Taygra has known its first success by being brought home by visitors as an ideal gift to their fellows or as a memory of their time spent in Brazil.

To sum up, if you wish all your dreams come true, use confidently Tygra Brazilia Shoes, because they are not only fashionable and utile, but also ecological. Taygra is a friend of the nature – the producers make no use of animal leather and uses water based glues, which have any toxicity neither for the mankind nor for the environment. It is a participant at the socio-ecological project Curupira, with the only aim to help the reforestation and preservation of Amazonia.

taygra shoes

Where does the popularity for Taygra Shoes come from?

How the name says, Brasilian Taygra Shoes were made for the first time in Brasil, in accordance with the brasilian attitudie and soul. These shoes were made exactly to represent brasilian people and in a short time they were known and made in the entire world!

Why Brasilian Taygra Shoes become so known and wanted in a short time?

Their design is so good for your feets that if you wear them once, you will want them all the time. They are very comfortable and beautiful. They are sport shoes, perfect for walking, for a job that requires a lot of movement, for dance or sport.

These shoes are also trendy and perfect for every type of feet.  You can find them in different models: urban footwear, sport footwear, dance, martial arts, indoors sports and many other activities.

Brazilian Taygra Shoes are handmade and water-resistant. They are lightweight, machine washable and made from the best eco-friendly materials (usually eco leather).

You can find them in many colors: black, white, yellow, orange, pink, red, brown and many others, because the creators of them wants to please all type of people.

If you wear them you will feel like you are barefoot, because their purpose is to be beautiful to give a great look to the one that wear them and also to be comfortable.

They are unique and they do not slip, so they are also perfect for surfing and mostly for other water sports

Do not forget! You can wash them at washing maschine only if you bought a particular type of Brazilian Taygra Shoes. The new model must pe hand washed! You can also wash them in the washing machine, but only with cold water!

When you find on stock Brazilian Taygra Shoes, you must buy a pair of them! The stock can immediately have sold out, because every store, even online ones have a limited number of these shoes! Why? Because they are 70% handmade and it is necessary a lot of time to make a pair of Brazilian Taygra Shoes.

Once you wear them you will love these shoes so much that you will do not want to wear something else. The designers find the perfect balance between an awesome look and comfort. All you want in just one pair of shoes!

The price is so good that you can buy many pairs, to change them depending on the color you want to wear in someday.

You can find them on online stores or in stores from your city!

clean home

Here is how and why you should clean your house

Cleaning is something you can’t live without because when you don’t clean your house, dirt, dust and bacteria starts to deposit on floor, surface, furniture or electronic appliances. That means infections, diseases and a bad air in the house for your lungs. You will be unhealthy and you will suffer a lot if you do not clean as many times it has to be done.

Why many people do not clean their house so often as it is necessary? Because jobs are so demanding nowadays that people do not have enough time to start cleaning their properties twice a week. If a person also has a family, the free time will be used to be together with them; family is much more important than everything and that’s why cleaning doesn’t matter so much. To clean the house with your husband or children can be exhausting so the solution for them is to call for an end of tenancy cleaning team.

Even if you are a tenant and you want a tenancy cleaning service, an end of lease cleaning service, a spring cleaning or a usual cleaning, a cleaner’s team will come to your house and do the job so you won’t take the physical effort.

What do you have to do?

To send a free quote on the company website, to call them on the number you find on the website or adds or to come to the company headquarters; in this way you let them know the hour, the day and the service you want. It is so simple and the workers are ready to come to your house whenever you want: on holidays, at a late hour or in the morning.

You can let the keys to the supervisor and go to the pool, at dinner or to walk in the park with your family.

When you arrive home, you will find a fresh house that looks good; in this way your mood will change and it will give you a better feeling. A good smell of your houses air, a cleaned house and a beautiful image of it, will make you feel satisfied and happier.

End of lease cleaning is just one from the most wanted leaning services; spring cleaning, ne off cleaning, after part cleaning, emergency cleaning, ironing is just some from the services you can choose.

For example, tenancy cleaning London service is the best choice for tenants or even lodgers, because the landlord must see the house/room in a good condition, because you use their things.

Home Cleaning

Citi clean full services list for Londoners

You are moving out from your rented house? You do not have enough time to solve all the problems and you can’t wait to see and live in your new house and despite that things you need to clean the entire house? Don’t worry about cleaning! Citi Clean is a cleaning company that will be always ready to help you when you need an end of tenancy cleaning and not only.

For what can you call a Citi Clean team?


  • Spring cleaning;
  • Moving in/out cleaning;
  • Office cleaning;
  • Domestic cleaning;
  • After party cleaning;
  • End of tenancy cleaning;
  • Estate agency cleaning;
  • Ironing services;
  • Carpet cleaning;
  • Emergency cleaning;

So, if you are a tenant and you need a professional tenancy cleaning, you are in the right place! Citi Clean is able to offer you what you want and cleaners that work here will do everything to please you with their work.

End of tenancy cleaning imply everything, but not carpet cleaning (washing), ironing, walls cleaning or windows cleaning from the outside. Your carpets will not be washed with chemicals and products, but they will be vacuumed. Your furniture, sofas, your washing machine, dishwasher, oven, sinks, microwave and so on will be professional cleaned!

Why choosing this service from Citi Clean company and not from another place?

Because here their cleaners are certified in cleaning! They had professional courses finished, they are dedicated because they love their job and they are very responsive to your preferences. They will listen to you carefully and they will do everything to do what you want. Lease cleaning London service at Citi Clean is the best service you can have from professionals!

But, we are sure that if you need a lease cleaning London service you will need also a moving in cleaning service! After a professional tenancy cleaning we are sure that you will need a new one at your new house, because a clean and fresh house means health and it also gives you a good mood! To really enjoy your new house, you need to clean it before! Citi Clean cleaners will use professional and green chemicals that will smell very good and also will clean perfectly all your house surfaces. For example, their vacuum will not spread the dust. So, after you have and end of tenancy cleaning, call us for a moving in cleaning! You will have exactly the same professional workers and cleaning!

Finding the best rooms in London

Day by day, new people want to find a place to live in London. Many of them are room hunters with a low or very low budget. To help them find what they want with less money, specific websites were created.

What is the purpose of this specific website (for people who want to rent rooms in London) more exactly?

It will definitely help people with low budget to find a place to live. House share in London or room share in London is easy to find here, because this website connects people with the same financial situation.

Do not forget about landlords. If you are a landlord and you have an unused room or many, and you want to earn some extra money, this website is a perfect option for you! Here, you can find a lodger that will want to live in the same house with you. If you have an entire property and you want to rent rooms from it in London, you will find a tenant or more tenants (depends on your wishes) for sure!

Why this website is better than anything else?

Because it is free to use! You do not need to pay anything to post an announcement or to look through them! It is one from the few free websites! In many cases, if you want to have this service, you need to pay!

Here, an announcement for house share in London or room share in London is free! You can browse, contacts ads and many other things without paying!

Why you can find here something for you for sure?

Because every month, hundreds of people find a property that is good for them with this website help. Also, landlords post a free announcement (to rent rooms in London) and find someone who want to be their tenant or lodger!

This website is in constant development, because your pleasure is its purpose!

Who work at this website?

To make easily house share in London or room share in London, this website has a professional team behind. This team is working any day of the week for you, all day (24/7) because we want to verify (and post if it respects our rules) your announcement exactly in the moment you post it!

But, this team isn’t available at phone all day. People who are in this team has some working specific hours daily. If you call them between their working house, we will definitely help you with anything you need!

Now you know! So, go and use this service and let the team find the best options for you!


Why Taygra Brazilian Shoes are better!?

People who loves long walks are often bothered by the shoes they wear because their footwear are uncomfortable. Not only they have this problem, even the ones who don’t love long walks, but they drive a lot for example, can dislike their shoes. Why? Because it doesn’t matter how much you wear them, if they aren’t comfortable you will be bothered and you walk will no longer be relaxing. For those who want to have very beautiful shoes, but also comfortable were invented: Taygra Brazilian Shoes.

What differences are between Taygra Brazilian Shoes and other shoes (for example sneakers)?

The difference between them is very important for people because Taygra Brazilian Shoes is a different type of sneakers. They are different in a good way because they look very good and are very comfortable. Their look is inspired how the name say from brazilian fashion, colors and trendy.

Other types of sneakers are a little uncomfortable because they constricted the leg or they are too heavy and that makes your walk harder and instead of relaxation it brings to yourself tiredness. Many times you will not be able anymore to continue your walk or your business or you will do it being irritated and nervous. That is the reason because you should buy and wear Taygra Brazilian Shoes.

What characteristics Taygra Brazilian Shoes have?

– New exclusive models are created every year.

– They look awesome because they are colorful and the design perfectly fits every foot.

– They are made from recycled materials and other eco-friendly materials.

– They are with elastic strips or with shoe laces.

– They came in two types: Extra-thing PVC sole with a great sensation of being barefoot (slim) and thin PVC sole (slim vintage).

– Taygra Brazilian Shoes are trendy, beautiful and comfortable.

– These shoes are so light and flexible that you don’t feel like you wear some kind of shoes.

– They fits perfectly for sportive people and also casual people because they are also sportive and urban that is awesome for people. They can be bought with confidence by walkers, boxers, dancers and of course by people who want to wear them while staying at home.

– They are created exclusive in Brazil with Brazilian materials.

– You have a freedom feeling when you wear them and you can be sure that they will not hurt you.

– Even if your feet are hurt, small, big or something else the Taygra Brazilian Shoe fits perfectly your feet to make you feel awesome.

What you have to know more?

The only extra thing you should know is that they need to be washed by hand because a drying machine will damage them and that they weight no more than 280-300g.